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ESPA Essential Body Treatments

The ESPA body treatment philosophy is focused upon enhancing your lifestyle by using deeply relaxing and anti-stressing oils, revitalising seaweeds, cleansing mud, exfoliating sea salts and therapeutic herbs to achieve outstanding results in a way that is both holistic and versatile. The treatments provide deep cleansing and exfoliation whilst relieving tension and stress and leaving the mind and body soothed and relaxed.

ESPA Total Holistic Body Care

Start with full body skin brushing and exfoliation to prepare the skin, leaving it feeling soft and smooth, followed by a luxurious body massage, facial massage with acupressure then finish with an Oriental Head Massage for ultimate tranquility. 

1 hour 25 minutes



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Lift and Firm, Hip and Thigh Treatment

A highly effective, stimulating treatment to target cellulite, fluid retention and uneven skin texture. Using potent marine extracts, iced mitts and a deep detoxifying massage to achieve great results. Ideal for people concerned by the appearance of cellulite. A course of 6 treatments is recommended.

This treatment includes: Skin body brush - detoxifying salt and oil scrub and detoxifying massage to specific area.

55 minutes


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ESPA Skin Hydrator Body Wrap
This luxurious experience includes lymphatic skin brushing, body exfoliation and an envelopment with oils rich in Palma Rosa and Myrrh combined with our Deeply Nourishing Body Cream. Tranquility is assured with a mind calming Oriental Head Massage.

55 minutes

ESPA Detoxifying Algae Wrap
Balance and detoxify with skin brushing, gentle exfoliation and an algae envelopment rich in minerals to boost the metabolism and speed up the elimination of toxins. The treatment includes a full head massage using essential oils for total relaxation.

55 minutes

ESPA Restorative Mud Envelopment
Marine Mud is known for its skin conditioning properties and is ideal for dry, dehydrated skin requiring nourishment and re-balancing. This wrap includes a full body exfoliation and an Oriental Head Massage to help ease tension and leave the skin purified and smooth.

55 minutes

ESPA Lifesaving Back Treatment
A back treatment offering deep cleansing, body brushing and exfoliation to help stimulate circulation and cell renewal. This is followed by a luxurious aromatherapy massage and purifying body mask using essential oils and warmed Marine Mud. Ideal for all skin types, this relaxing treatment will leave you refreshed and renewed.

45 minutes


ESPA Body Polish
An exclusive body and skin enhancing treatment which can be used in isolation to remove dead or dry skin, or as a preparation for any massage. This complete exfoliation will cleanse and invigorate the body. 

25 minutes

ESPA Salt & Oil Scrub
This exceptional skin softening body exfoliation combines sea salts and nourishing and essential oils to leave your skin moisturised, smooth and soft.

25 minutes


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